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6th December 2022

strengthening sexual harass...

The UK government could be strengthening sexual harassment policies in the workplace. If the bill goes ahead, employers will have to "take all reasonable steps" to prevent it happening in their business, or face fine...

Full article here: strengthening-sexual-harassment-in-the-workplace
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2nd December 2022

Wages seem to be the number...

It's not looking good for recruitment in teaching. Teach First, the government's flagship provider for attracting strong graduates into the teaching profession, has hired the fewest trainees in four years. The gover...

Full article here: wages-seem-to-be-the-number-one-issue
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1st December 2022

Virtual job interviews?

Virtual job interviews? What will they think of next? But it makes sense when you think about it. The rise of video interviews over Covid made in-person interviews a non-necessity and doing them in the virtual world ...

Full article here: virtual-job-interviews
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7th November 2022

Exciting tech development

We truly are living in unparalleled times when it comes to cool gadgets and gizmos. Every year, there's something new and shiny that we just have to have. What do industry experts think are the most exciting tech de...

Full article here: exciting-tech-development
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26th October 2022

Greater Work Flexibility

It's no secret that many businesses are having trouble attracting people to work for them these days. Obviously, everyone is looking for a solution, and a popular one is offering a bit more flexibility. In fact, 54%...

Full article here: greater-work-flexibility
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18th October 2022

IT Security

You'd think that it would be an organisation's first priority to patch any IT vulnerabilities ASAP. After all, letting just anyone access your systems really is bad business. In fact, 85% of high-risk vulnerabilitie...

Full article here: it-security
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17th October 2022

IR35 reforms to be scrapped

We've seen so many changes in the past few weeks that it's hard to keep up. Keep up we must, however, especially if we don't want to be collared by the law. For example, it looks like the government will be repealin...

Full article here: ir35-reforms-to-be-scrapped
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12th October 2022

Phishing Attacks

Phishing attacks are getting more frequent and ingenious. It just takes one thoughtless click and you're infected. Bad enough if it's a personal problem, but if it happens to an employee on a work computer... Well, ...

Full article here: phishing-attacks
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7th October 2022

Tramshed tech opening in Ne...

Tramshed Tech is opening its latest location in Newport Market this month and you can book a free trial. The tech hub is a collaborative space where people can start and grow a tech business in Wales. If you're inte...

Full article here: tramshed-tech-opening-in-newport-market
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4th October 2022

Techs best paying countries

With tech jobs becoming so sought after, every country is vying for the best talent. So, which are the best paying countries if you work in tech? The top five, in reverse order, are: ☑️ UK☑️ Canada☑️ Australia☑️ US...

Full article here: techs-best-paying-countries
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