World Cup Stops Play!

So the 2018 World Cup in Russia is nearly a week old and most of the early games have been tepid at best... With the obvious exception of the goal-fest that was Spain Vs Portugal of course. I'm not a major fan of Ronaldo (the person rather than the footballer) but he must have ice in his veins - the way he took that free kick, knowing it was likely to be the last real chance in that match, really was something.  Hats off to him for that.

But how much is your office involved in the games? Have you sorted an office sweepstake or did you mean to, but forgot before it all started? Do you have a TV in the office or have you noticed people taking more sickies (especially today after Harry Kanes late, late winner against Tunisia?). 

We're all set for it - TV is at the ready, cold drinks too (soft not alcoholic of course). However, we haven't sorted a sweepstake... Not much point when it means we'll all have at least 8 teams each!!

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