Work-Related Stupidity!

So what is the most stupid or embarrassing thing you have dome at work..? For me, there are 2 that spring to mind pretty quickly…

The first was a situation where a contractor was not up to the required standard and the Line Manager asked me to request that he not turn up for work the following week. Imagine my embarrassment when the same Line Manager called in 2 hours later saying he had to advise the Contractor it as I had forgotten…! I was left very red-faced and bottle of wine or two was quickly winging it’s way to my Client by way of apology.

The second was an internal staffing issue… As a rookie Team Leader, I was getting frustrated with the attitude of a particular employee and was supposed to send an email to my senior colleague telling him of said frustrations. Embarrassingly, I actually sent it to the person I was moaning about and saw his face drop as the email landed on his desk. Quick as a flash I told him that would be the email going to the big Boss if he didn’t buck his ideas up. Crisis averted. Just… But I’ve been more careful with emails ever since!

HR Grapevine have an article outlining other work-related mishaps on their website… go to:

Message me with your mishaps, share your embarrassment! Glen