Wi-Fi Wallpaper - Seriously?!

If you have ever wondered where technology was headed, you may have envisaged things like Driverless cars (we're nearly there), electric planes (some way off!) and even hovering skateboards (Back to the Future - that's your fault)... However who on earth would have thought about Wi-Fi signal-boosting wallpaper..?! Well believe it or not, this is nearly a reality! 

We’ve all been frustrated by black spots in the home or office and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have come up with this new ingenious way around the issue. Rather than use mesh networking or a plug-in repeater, MIT have developed a “wallpaper” which has approximately 3000 tiny antennas built-in which can boost signal by up to 10 times – meaning an end to highly frustrating signal blackspots…!

 For further reading on this topic, go to: https://www.gearbrain.com/mit-smart-wallpaper-boosts-wifi-2645012343.html

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