Welcome to the Summer Holidayzzzzzzzzzz

There are 2 (arguably 3) periods in the Recruiters calendar that cause consternation and general gnashing of teeth due to the lack of progress on vacancies. I’m obviously talking Summer and Christmas, but Easter can be a little quiet too.

The reasons for the break in play are pretty obvious: decision makers being out of the office, turkey and tinsel being far more interesting than interviewing (as are chocolate eggs) and also the audacity of people daring to take a holiday (I know).

But what to do in the quieter times? That is indeed the question! We've had the office World Cup of Tiddlywinks (I won, of course) and nails have been bitten to the quick (I've always found that a very strange phrase - I mean, what does the quick mean in this instance? I know literally, but not figuratively. Answers on a postcard please). Anyway, I digress...

Candidates are away on holiday and it's not worth canvassing new customers for the same reasons... so housekeeping is the best answer I can think of. Get the canvass lists ready for early September, clean out your database and focus on some good candidates that you can reverse market when things hot up (i.e. when the weather cools down).

And enjoy the slower pace… you know it won’t last forever!


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