"Unfollow Everything" - improvement to your Facebook experience or not, it's been banned

If you use Facebook but are not a fan of the News Feed, then an app called "Unfollow Everything" may sound like the perfect solution, had it not been banned by Facebook who then disabled the account of the developer, Louis Barclay. 

Barclay created the app, which was available for a time from the Google Chrome Store, in order to improve the Facebook experience for Facebook users. "I got amazing feedback from people saying...they were using Facebook in a way that was much healthier for them," he reported. He said that users could still connect with friends and family in the same way whilst logged into the app. 

This sounds like an ideal solution; removing the temptation to scroll through endless posts about queues at petrol stations or random items for sale can potentially save hours of our time. Facebook, however, did not agree, saying that "Unfollow Everything" broke Facebook's rules on 'automated collection of user content without Facebook's permission, and that it infringed Facebook trademarks' [source: businessinsider.com].

But, oh the irony - Louis Barclay now reports that he has a better quality of life without the 'addiction' of Facebook as a daily distraction. At least the developer has benefitted indirectly from his own app, even if no one else can. 




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