The Coming of 6G…

No, really…! Whilst most people have not yet transitioned to 5G – and with it only being available in Towns & Cities, why would you? – the University of Surrey have started looking into the next generation.

But what on earth could 6G bring, that 5G (when its fully rolled-out) cannot? Quite simply, by fusing the physical and virtual worlds. Quite some claim, but in a White Paper recently published, the University of Surrey reveals the two research themes that the 6G Innovation Centre (6GIC) will pursue (via the University of Surrey website):

  • Ambient information: a fusion of the physical and virtual worlds, powered by the integration of high-resolution sensing, geolocation and wireless technologies to enable a new level of digital services that link human senses with ambient and remote data.  
  • Ubiquitous coverage: making the digital divide a thing of the past by significantly improving coverage indoors and using intelligent surfaces and researching satellite technology that makes exciting 6G services available everywhere. 

Speaking to The Times, Professor Alan Woodward said he expected medicine would be one of the first beneficiaries of a 6G network.

"You can imagine being a surgeon on the other side of the world and you've got robotic hands inside somebody," he said. "In that scenario, you don't want any perceptible delay between what you're doing and feeling and what's being fed back to you, you need to virtually be there, basically.

Apache Says: Whilst it’s nothing new in the technology sector to be working on new technologies soon after a new service / product has launched, we’d just be happy with a better Mobile signal across the whole country..!! How many times have you been in the midst of a call (Business or otherwise) as you drive round the M25 and the signal crashes as you hit a “black spot”...? It’s infuriating and we’d happily see 6G take a backseat whilst this is rectified once-and-for-all! OK, we’ll get off our soap box now!


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