Sizzling Summer

What's the weather like out there? "It's hot. Damn hot! Real hot!" as once said by the inimitable and much missed Robin Williams. Although I didn’t like the film Toys – I’ve only turned off a few films in my life and that was one – I will forgive him due to his fantastic back catalogue. Everyone is allowed a mistake or two in life, right?! And who can forget classics such as Good Morning Vietnam where the quote above comes from..?

Anyway – back on topic.  It’s hot!  Not that I am complaining; we get too few hot spells in the UK as far as I am concerned. And seeing as most of this hot weather comes from Europe as the Jetstream sits above the country, are we going to see even less when Brexit is upon us? And no one is mentioning the impact Brexit may have on the weather – this important factor needs more media attention before it’s TOO late…!! (well the Remainers are trying all the tricks they can to row back on the decision, so this HAS to be the next in the ring – you know it’s true).

Oops. Started to ramble AGAIN. 

So - as the mercury creeps up in the office, what are you doing to stay cool? We’ve obviously got the aircon cranked to max, but it is still pretty warm. Any further tips you’d like to share?

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