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Author: Apache Associates
Published: 9th August 2018

Welcome to the Summer Holid…

There are 2 (arguably 3) periods in the Recruiters calendar that cause consternation and general gnashing of teeth due to the lack of progress on vacancies. I’m obviously talking Summer and Christmas, but Eas…

Author: Apache Associates
Published: 27th June 2018

Sizzling Summer

What's the weather like out there? "It's hot. Damn hot! Real hot!" as once said by the inimitable and much missed Robin Williams. Although I didn’t like the film Toys – I’ve only turned off a…

Author: Apache Associates
Published: 19th June 2018

How do you like it so far..?

Our New Website has landed!

It's been a while since we updated the look of our website and we at Apache Towers decied enough was enough! SO, we spoke to the lovely people at Dogfish Mobile (www.dogfishmobil…

Author: Apache Associates
Published: 14th June 2018

World Cup Stops Play!

So the 2018 World Cup in Russia is nearly a week old and most of the early games have been tepid at best... With the obvious exception of the goal-fest that was Spain Vs Portugal of course. I'm not a major fan of R…

Author: Apache Associates
Published: 14th June 2018

Interviews: The Critical Fi…

So, you’ve done your homework on the company?   Check

Read the job spec numerous times so you know what you’re interviewing for? Check

Put on your best bib & tucker? &…